Why is it important to maximise the useful life of the lubricating oil in critical machines?


In critical machines, the ones that a whole production line depends on for correct operation, an unprogrammed stoppage due to a malfunction or a breakdown can be very expensive. Maximising the useful life of the lubricating oil in the critical machines that use it makes it possible to prevent these unscheduled stoppages and prolong the useful life of industrial machinery.

How can tribology help extend critical machinery service life?


Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Basically, it studies friction, wear and lubrication – three phenomena linked to surface degradation and, thus, to machine reliability and performance. When machines wear out, they perform worse, are less productive and, finally, begin to fail as a result of mechanical damage.

How Atten2 can help extend lubricating oil service life

With the development of optical sensors OilHealth and OilWear, Atten2 offers companies the chance to determine the condition of the lubricating oil they are using in their machinery. Our solutions can also provide information on the degradation of critical components in the machine that is being monitored , wear patterns and stress levels . Advanced-tech fluid monitoring solutions help extend lubricating oils service life and ensure the optimal condition of critical equipment.

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