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Remote diagnostic service developed by European Project OILMARK

Atten2 develops condition monitoring solutions for customers’ critical assets through optical sensors for the measurement of specific characteristics of various fluids, especially lubricating oil, as well as performance of derivative services.

Yes, online fluid monitoring can identify problem root cause

For any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the monitoring of critical assets using sensors is a strategy that allows equipment performance diagnosis, detecting through fluid analysis both wear and particle contamination, that can cause major reliability problems.

Atten2 wins "Best Industrial Equipment for the Factory of the Future" Award


The Basque firm received the award at the fourth edition of the "Factories of the Future Awards", held in Barcelona.

The Basque company Atten2 accepted the HP award for “Best Industrial Equipment for the Factory of the Future” at the 2020 edition of the Factories of the Future Awards 2020, now in its fourth edition, organised under the auspices of the Advanced Factories Expo & Congress, held from March 3 to 5 in Barcelona. The awards aim to foster and promote innovation in industrial automation and the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Optical sensors for predictive maintenance at wind farms



Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies, specialised in the development, production and marketing of on-line optical sensors for the analysis of industrial fluids, will be in Germany with its latest technological breakthroughs, which aim to transform the wind power sector. The company will present its innovative products within the framework of the Wind O&M EU 2019 trade fair, which will be held in Munich on 27th and 28th February and will bring together the key companies in Europe.

What happens when the life of the lubricating oil is shorter than expected?


In critical machinery, an unscheduled downtime caused by failure or malfunction can stop the entire production line. This is why knowing what shortens the service life of lubricating oil in critical machinery is very important.

Why is it important to maximize the useful life of the lubricating oil in critical machines?


In critical machines, the ones that a whole production line depends on for correct operation, an unprogrammed stoppage due to a malfunction or a breakdown can be very expensive. Maximising the useful life of the lubricating oil in the critical machines that use it makes it possible to prevent these unscheduled stoppages and prolong the useful life of industrial machinery.

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