Optical sensors for predictive maintenance at wind farms




Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies, specialised in the development, production and marketing of on-line optical sensors for the analysis of industrial fluids, will be in Germany with its latest technological breakthroughs, which aim to transform the wind power sector. The company will present its innovative products within the framework of the Wind O&M EU 2019 trade fair, which will be held in Munich on 27th and 28th February and will bring together the key companies in Europe.

  • The Basque company, Atten2, is coming to the German market with the latest technology, which can generate savings of up to five million euros at each plant.
  • The company will be in Munich on 27th and 28th February at the leading fair in the wind power sector, Wind O&M EU 2019, where it will present its technological advances.
  • The Atten2 devices enable the state of an industrial machine to be monitored remotely and in real time.


"We are going to the German market with the aim of revolutionising the field of monitoring and predictive maintenance of industrial machinery, confident about the considerable savings generated by our systems", says the CEO, Edgar Martínez.

The Spanish company, founded in 2012 after ten years of research in the heart of the IK4-TEKNIKER technology centre, now has two patented devices which monitor the state of industrial machinery in real time through the analysis of the fluids flowing inside. The devices are already available in international markets, such as USA, China, Korea, Italy, Chile and Australia.

This week, the company will go to the German market with the clear objective of offering its technology to Industry 4.0 through the capacity to develop predictive maintenance of machinery, particularly that of the wind power sector. The CEO of Atten2, Edgar Martínez, will give a conference during the international fair to present "Practical tools for the on-line diagnosis of the wear pattern of wind turbine gearboxes".

A recent study by the company concluded that a wind farm with 44 wind turbines could save up to five million euros with a good predictive maintenance strategy.

On reaching the German market, the company aims to extend the opportunities of consolidating a sustainable business model in the long term and face the ambitious challenge of leading the world market in the diagnosis of machines through lubricant analysis. After the fair in Munich, Atten2 will go to the Wind Europe Bilbao Fair (Spain), Reliable Plant Cleveland (USA) and Expo Mantener in Bogotá (Colombia) to increase its presence in international markets.


Aimed at Industry 4.0 and in constant expansion


The Atten2 technology is well recognised in the Spanish market, particularly in the wind power sector and in the monitoring of the fluids used in wind turbines, a field that was strategically addressed with the aim of increasing the capacities of its technology and projecting the company in new markets and applications.

In this respect, the company has received the economic support of large multi-nationals, such as Iberdrola and public entities like the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), which reports to the Spanish Government. Both entities became part of the company's stakeholders in 2015 with an investment of 700,000 euros, paving the way for other investment funds.

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