Remote diagnostic service developed by European Project OILMARK

Atten2 develops condition monitoring solutions for customers’ critical assets through optical sensors for the measurement of specific characteristics of various fluids, especially lubricating oil, as well as performance of derivative services.


Remote Diagnostic service

In the process of transforming our business model from a product selling approach to a product/service selling one, atten2 has developed an IoT infrastructure for the provision of remote diagnostic service of our customers’ equipment condition.


The IoT infrastructure for remote diagnostic service provision, developed by Tekniker, includes IDS connectivity. The integration with the IDS ecosystem ( guarantees customers monitoring data privacy and sovereignty.

The service is provided through the MARKET4.0 Marketplace for manufacturing (



Service validation

The diagnostic service has been validated in a real scenario, where a rotary indexing table has been monitored at the fatigue test bench of the Test Center facilities at Goizper through Atten2’s OilWear oil sensor, connected to the IoT infrastructure.




This work has been performed in the context of the OILMARK project, an open call #1 winner of the H2020 MARKET4.0 project (, with participation of atten2, Tekniker and Goizper. 

OILMARK pursues two main objectives: (i) the servitisation of the value proposition of atten2’s portfolio by offering remote services of equipment health condition and (ii) opening atten2’s offer to new markets through the MARKET4.0 marketplace.

The H2020 MARKET4.0 project develops an open multi-sided digital platform for enabling production equipment and service providers to connect and work together with manufacturing companies.

The MARKET4.0 platform enables new business, based on value-adding interactions among the production equipment and service providers and their customers while at the same time provides an open and participative infrastructure for these interactions.


This dissemination material is part of the OILMARK Project, an open call #1 winner of the MARKET4.0 Project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 20020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 822064.


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