Yes, online fluid monitoring can identify problem root cause

For any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the monitoring of critical assets using sensors is a strategy that allows equipment performance diagnosis, detecting through fluid analysis both wear and particle contamination, that can cause major reliability problems.


A good example of this is the case of one of our customers, an OEM manufacturer. Thanks to the use of monitoring technologies based on online lubricant sensors, the increase in wear of one of the gearboxes that compose the equipment was seen depending on the type of operation performed.


Monitor to measure wear on lubricated machinery

The graph shows how machine wear, in this case a gearbox, increases depending on the operating conditions:

Gráfico Redutora

As the graph shows, although the data show stable performance in the bands in which the machine works at positive speeds, when operations with negative speeds are carried out, the presence of particles is clearly increased, generating accelerated wear in the gearbox and reaching values ​​that can cause significant operational risk. By visualizing this data, the manufacturer was able to identify the operations causing rapid machine wear and took steps to improve its performance.


These monitoring technologies based on online lubricant measurement sensors allow manufacturing companies to carry out diagnoses under different operating conditions and optimize results, giving greater reliability to their products. In addition, by using this data, the manufacturer can offer added value, providing data that allows the user to improve their operating actions, reduce machine maintenance costs and prevent operational risks that can lead to significant shutdowns, with the consequent loss of productivity and money.


Technological solutions for monitoring critical assets

At Atten2 we develop technological solutions aimed at monitoring critical assets. Our technologies are based on online lubricant analysis sensors that measure the condition of various fluids to know the condition of machines and control industrial processes, offering a new perspective on maintenance and operation policies.


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